Slips and falls

Slips and falls

Did you know if you have fallen and were injured on someone’s commercial or personal property because of unsafe, defective conditions or neglect this could qualify for a Personal Injury Case?

Slips, trips and fall accidents, which usually happens because of unsafe property conditions, may lead to valid personal injury claims and legal implications and liability. Property owners should ensure the safety and warn visitors of their properties existence. Failure to maintain an owner’s premises’ safetymay be considered negligence, in such cases, and can be liable for legal compensation to victims of slip and fall injuries. Compensation for said damages may include past and even future medical expenses, loss of earnings policies, pain and suffering, and many more.

Several common reasons are recently mopped floors which are still wet and slippery, floors where liquids or other wet objects have been spilled, such as fruit, floors which have broken tiles or surfaces, carpeting which is torn, sidewalks that are uneven or crumbling, potholes in pathways or other surfaces, defective stairs, broken or inadequate lighting in hallways, pathways, staircases or other areas, and similar conditions which make walking difficult.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a slip-and-fall accident on another’s public, business, or private property, you may be entitled to compensation. I can help you file a personal injury claim, gather evidence to prove the property owner’s liability, and recover personal and financial losses. Contact us for a Free Consultation and find out what financial compensation can cover.

If you do have a case and we win, you would get compensated and it would help to cover the cost of any losses, medical bills or care needed.

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